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How to install VMware Workstation on Linux with .bundle extensiton. HOW !!

Do not waste of your time to try give an executable permission on BUNDLE file. Because of it is not a script file. Just become root right and type “sh” then past of full bundle file name like… sh VMware-Workstation-Full-8.0.0-471780.i386.bundle or  bash VMware-Workstation-Full-8.0.0-471780.i386.bundle if you are use Ubuntu use following syntax sudo sh VMware-Workstation-Full-8.0.0-471780.i386.bundle or sudo […]


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IBM XIV Storage Plug-in for Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS), Version

The plug-in enables failover automation of XIV storage services that run on two geographically dispersed cluster nodes, enabling deployment of MSCS in a geo-cluster configuration.   MSCS and the XIV storage system support one-button fail over initiation for automated recovery, or manual fail over for step-by-step control over the recovery process. Both accommodate a broad […]

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