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VMware ESXi 4.1 USB Hypervisor: Enterprise Plus License lost on reboot – IBM BladeCenter and System x

After applying Enterprise Plus License from VMware that will allow use of more Central Processing Unit (CPU)/Cores, the newer license can be installed but VMware ESXi reverts to the original license key after rebooting the blade.The newer license key will have to be reapplied after the reboot. “Patch for IBM USB Memory Key for VMware […]

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IBM TS3200 Tape Library users password can not be change on some internet browsers.

Hey,   I just learn it. If you need to change Admin/Superuser or user password on IBM TS3200 Tape library, you can be change it only on Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you try to change those users password on Google Chrome, “Password has been changed!” message is appear but password is not changed.   […]

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To avoid potential loss of access, customers must be on “IBM XIV Host Attachment Kit for Windows, Version 1.5.3” or above

To avoid potential loss of access that might happen during XIV operation or hot upgrade customers must be on “IBM XIV Host Attachment Kit for Windows, Version 1.5.3” or above and before the upgrade Symptom Servers disconnect from XIV Cause During some cases of module failure (e.g. SMI timeout) Windows 2003 server might disconnect from […]

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IBM ServerGuide 7.4 ile W2K3 OS yükleme

Bu makalede IBM x serisi/blade sunucuları IBM ServerGuide ile OS’u kurmak için yapılması gereken adımlar aşağıda gösterilmiştir. İşletim sistemini kurmaya başlamadan önce elimizde olması gereken bilgiler aşağıdadır.