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iSCSI targets on Linux (Open-E iSCSI) behind NAT

  I was wondering, how to use iSCSI targets for my personal purposes on Linux. Because I am planning deploy a Linux Server in my home for Web hosting, ftp server etc. and whole this stuff will be working  behind of firewall and NAT. After testing Open – E iSCSI, I decide this is great service of providing […]

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IBM TS3200 Tape Library users password can not be change on some internet browsers.

Hey,   I just learn it. If you need to change Admin/Superuser or user password on IBM TS3200 Tape library, you can be change it only on Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you try to change those users password on Google Chrome, “Password has been changed!” message is appear but password is not changed.   […]

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Storwize V7000 new features been released

Storwize V7000 was introduced in October 2010 in IBM Storage Mid-range portfolio. V7000 archived one of the fastest product ramps in IBM history with more than 1.800 systems sold to more than 1.000 worldwide customers since general availability in November 2010. The products supports 10 GbE ports in new control enclosure models and this can […]

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IBM XIV Storage Plug-in for Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS), Version

The plug-in enables failover automation of XIV storage services that run on two geographically dispersed cluster nodes, enabling deployment of MSCS in a geo-cluster configuration.   MSCS and the XIV storage system support one-button fail over initiation for automated recovery, or manual fail over for step-by-step control over the recovery process. Both accommodate a broad […]

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To avoid potential loss of access, customers must be on “IBM XIV Host Attachment Kit for Windows, Version 1.5.3” or above

To avoid potential loss of access that might happen during XIV operation or hot upgrade customers must be on “IBM XIV Host Attachment Kit for Windows, Version 1.5.3” or above and before the upgrade Symptom Servers disconnect from XIV Cause During some cases of module failure (e.g. SMI timeout) Windows 2003 server might disconnect from […]

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IBM Storwize V7000 6.1.0 Configuration Limits and Restrictions

Storwize V7000 software versions to support attachment of up to 4 expansion enclosures per system. Software version and later removes this restriction, supporting attachment of up to 9 expansion enclosures, allowing a total of 10 enclosures per system.   DS4000 Maintenance Storwize V7000 supports concurrent ESM firmware upgrades for those DS4000 models […]

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IBM DS5000 series related – Incorrect power supply illuminated by prepare for removal

When using an IBM System Storage DS5000 Storage Subsystem with an IBM System Storage EXP5060 Storage Expansion Enclosure (EXP5060) attached, the Prepare for Removal function in the Storage Manager Graphical User Interface (GUI) will illuminate the wrong power supply on the selected EXP5060.   The two (2) power supplies are listed in the Prepare for […]


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Storage comparision matrix for IBM DS5100, HP P2000, HP EVA 4400, HDS 2500, IBM N6040, IBM DS4800

Following chart prepared a storage comparison matrix for DS5100, P2000, EVA 4400, HDS2500, N6040, DS4800. You can check all detail about features and properties with this matrix.   For excel sheet;   link :

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GOOGLE in depolama mimarisi

Blog taki Ilk Makalem: GOOGLE in depolama mimarisi nedir? (GOOGLE Storage Architecture)
Yazacagim ilk post icin son 10 yilin IT alanindaki en dahiyane firmasinin kendi ic yapisini anlatmak istedim. Zira GOOGLE su anda IT sektorunde dunyanin en onde gelen firmasi, kendi calisacak sistemleri icin tasarladiklari sonrasinda da olusturduklari yapilar herkese ornek ve ilham kaynagi oluyor. Ozellikle `performans`, `erisilebilirlik` ve `olceklenebilirlik` konularinda muhtesemler. Ilgilenenler icin gelistirdikleri depolama teknolojilerini / cozumlerini daha yakindan anlatmak istedim. Makale icin kullandigim kaynaklari, ‘kaynakca’ bolumunde belirttim.

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High-Availability Storage With GlusterFS On Ubuntu 9.10

This tutorial shows how to set up a high-availability storage with two storage servers (Ubuntu 9.10) that useGlusterFS. Each storage server will be a mirror of the other storage server, and files will be replicated automatically across both storage servers. The client system (Ubuntu 9.10 as well) will be able to access the storage as […]

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