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Search,Enable or Disable user/computer accounts in Active Directory over Web page (LDAP ASP)

through this code/ASP in below/file, you can search users,computers, printers and other objects in Active directory over web page, as a result of this search, you can get object’s location in AD. You can enable and disable the user/computer accounts of this page in Active Directory. Also You’ll able to move accounts into a Organization […]


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Getting Last Logon time for Computers in Domain as list with VBA (windows script)

Last week, I need to find how many inactive computers in our Active Directory with computers name and last logon date. I can use this info various way after gather from our Active Directory. There are lot of scripts about it in Internet but problem is which one should I use and how to! Also […]

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Gathering PCs info during logon progress

Whole data about your PC in Active Directory will automatically coming from PCs to wherevery you want. You should run this script via Login progress, I ment, use GPO, If you have any Question How/What/Where … , Just ask ! P.S. : Some codes have been obtained from the Internet.   ‘    20 / 04 […]