iSCSI targets on Linux (Open-E iSCSI) behind NAT


I was wondering, how to use iSCSI targets for my personal purposes on Linux. Because I am planning deploy a Linux Server in my home for Web hosting, ftp server etc. and whole this stuff will be working  behind of firewall and NAT.

After testing Open – E iSCSI, I decide this is great service of providing by Open-E on Linux.


But they say, Open-E iSCSI targets is not working behind of NAT now and they do not have plans to do this. This is really bad news 😦



Can I connect to Open-E iSCSI targets behind NAT?

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Last updated: 25 Jul, 2011
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Posted: 25 Jul, 2011
by: Nowakowski S.
Updated: 25 Jul, 2011
by: Nowakowski S.

To explain why iSCSI targets behind NAT can not be accessed
by a initiator we have to explain how iSCSI connection works.
It is a two-step connection. One step is discovering portal and
second is actual log in. Even though iSCSI targets IPs can be
translated via NAT and discovered, they send back theirs inner
IPs to initiators using SendTargets function. Initiators will not
be able to connect to targets via those. In the future
such a functionality might be implemented using Internet Storage
Name Service but we do not have any plans to do so yet.

The only possible workaround is to create a VPN tunnel between Initiator and NAT. In this way the Open-E iSCSI targets can be seen as they would be in LAN. 


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