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Getting Last Logon time for Computers in Domain as list with VBA (windows script)

Last week, I need to find how many inactive computers in our Active Directory with computers name and last logon date. I can use this info various way after gather from our Active Directory. There are lot of scripts about it in Internet but problem is which one should I use and how to! Also […]

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IBM XIV Storage Plug-in for Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS), Version

The plug-in enables failover automation of XIV storage services that run on two geographically dispersed cluster nodes, enabling deployment of MSCS in a geo-cluster configuration.   MSCS and the XIV storage system support one-button fail over initiation for automated recovery, or manual fail over for step-by-step control over the recovery process. Both accommodate a broad […]

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To avoid potential loss of access, customers must be on “IBM XIV Host Attachment Kit for Windows, Version 1.5.3” or above

To avoid potential loss of access that might happen during XIV operation or hot upgrade customers must be on “IBM XIV Host Attachment Kit for Windows, Version 1.5.3” or above and before the upgrade Symptom Servers disconnect from XIV Cause During some cases of module failure (e.g. SMI timeout) Windows 2003 server might disconnect from […]

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VMware lisanslarının transferi (LATF)

Selamlar,   VMware lisanslarının başka işletmeye devredilmesi yada ayrılması (web sayfasındaki lisans dosyasını ayırmaktan  bahsetmiyorum 🙂 ) ile ilgili son bir kaç aydır fazlasıyla bilgi  sahibi oldum ki burada yazılacak gibi değil :), sorularınızı bekliyorum.

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Gathering PCs info during logon progress

Whole data about your PC in Active Directory will automatically coming from PCs to wherevery you want. You should run this script via Login progress, I ment, use GPO, If you have any Question How/What/Where … , Just ask ! P.S. : Some codes have been obtained from the Internet.   ‘    20 / 04 […]